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Blockchain has the potential to disrupt a multitude of industries in the near future, thanks to its capability of obsoleting centralized business models with the decentralized, distributed model, which ensure high transparency, security, and low operating costs in business transactions. Blockchain uses a decentralized, shared database for recording and verifying user transactions in the computing network, which eliminates the need for a central governing authority like custodian banks.

Blockchain is Gradually Increasing popularity among Students worldwide

The current age education system certainly needs to catch up with the rapid technological advancements and deliver something to students that can shape their future. This feeling has been commonly shared by many students worldwide.

Blockchain technology and its decentralized working structure are also attracting a lot of students globally. Seeing such popularity of blockchain, a lot of esteemed business schools and online learning platforms are joining the race to offer blockchain courses to students.

A recent study results from digital currency exchange also revealed that close to 30 percent of students are interested in learning the blockchain technology-related courses. The study has been conducted with 675 different US students studying in 50 district universities in the US and across the globe. The study findings also reveal that close to 42 percent of universities are offering courses related to blockchain technology to students.

Why Do Students need to learn Blockchain?

The answer to this question is simple. Blockchain is inevitably a future-oriented technology and possesses the capabilities to disrupt almost each and every industry. Businesses and educational institutions are also readily accepting the fact that blockchain can deliver a high number of job opportunities to students in the near future. So, it is a must for every student to learn and sharpen their skills in this future-oriented technology.

How ‘Blocklogy’ makes students ready in future-oriented ‘Blockchain’ technology?

Blocklogy is a mobile-based e-learning platform that has been developed under the aegis of KMPARDS with sole purpose of educating students about this disruptive technology called blockchain and explore it deeply to get a rewarding career in near future.

Blocklogy, unlike other e-learning platforms, explains each and every blockchain concept to students in an easiest and interactive manner through its user-friendly interface. The students are offered with basic, intermediate and advanced courses on blockchain and IoT technology with five different difficulty levels. After completion of each module,  the students will receive a certificate of completion after completing the final exam.

Each student,  no matter what his grades/qualification is, can appear for the basic courses to understand the fundamental concepts of blockchain before moving to the advanced-level courses. Blocklogy will allow the students to learn key aspects of the blockchain, including:

What are cryptocurrencies

Basic fundamentals of blockchain and how exactly it works?

What are cryptocurrency wallets and why we need them?

What are bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain?

The need for tokens, smart contracts, and use of Solidity programming language

and much more…

So, to make students ready for future-oriented technology blockchain, all you have to do is download the ‘Blocklogy’ app from the Google Play Store and start learning Blockchain for a rewarding career tomorrow. Don’t overthink, just act.

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