What all Modules and Levels are available in Blocklogy?


Summary: Blocklogy, an e-learning app for blockchain, offers a range of courses according to the knowledge level of students. Here’re all blockchain courses you can join on the Blocklogy platform.

Blocklogy is a blockchain e-learning app developed by KMPARDS to help students learn the blockchain concepts and programming to become an expert in it. The app offers multiple courses divided into three broad categories – Basic, Intermediate, and Expert – to suit the skills of students at different levels in the blockchain education.

The following courses are offered by the Blocklogy platform.

Class 8th (Basic type)

Content & Topics – NETWORK & ITS TYPES

Basic Cryptography, Centralized System, Decentralized System, Keywords In Blockchain, History Of Blockchain, Types Of Blockchain & Use Cases, Blockchain Working, Blockchain Ecosystem, Consensus In Blockchain, Blockchain Database Vs Other Databases, Transactions And Smart Contracts In Blockchain, Wallets And Their Types

Fee – $1

Class 9th (Basic type)


Cryptoeconomics, How Bitcoin System Works, Why Bitcoin And Selling Bitcoins, Ethereum Blockchain, Difference Between ETH And BTC Blockchain, Trading System, Standard Transactions, Storage And Transaction Of Blockchain, Mining And Miners, Mining Pools, Mining Algorithm, Merkle Tree, Network And Applications Of Bitcoin

Fee – $2

Class 10th (Basic type)


Wallets Derivations, Security Related Wallets And Exchange, What Happens In Invalid Transactions In Blockchain, What Is Ripple And Corda, What Is Metamask, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Fees In Blockchain Network, What Is Hyperledger, Ethereum Wallets And Clients, Geth, Mining In Ethereum, Introduction To Blockchain Programming

Fee – $3

Class 11th (Basic type)

Content & Topics – EXPLAIN SOLIDITY

Programming Basics Of Solidity, EVM In Relation With Smart Contracts, EVM And Gas Price, Explain Smart Contracts, Running Smart Contracts In Remix, Debugging Smart Contracts In Remix, Deploy And Debug Smart Contract With Truffle, Smart Contracts In Ethereum Blockchain, Use Of Smart Contract In Real World And Testing Tools, Writing Smart Contracts, Small Project And Deploying On Blockchain

Fee – $4

Class 12th (Basic type)

Content & Topics – WHAT ARE TOKENS

Difference Between Coin And Token, Erc Standards, Initial Coin Offering, Building Ico Smart Contracts, Developing A Erc20 Token On Ethereum Platform, How It Works, Basics Of Erc 721, Build Erc-721 Token And Deploying It To Test Network, Crowdfunding Smart Contracts, How To Raise Funds Via Ico, Class End Project

Fee – $5

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Intermediate type)

Content & Topics – FORKING (ETHEREUM)

Bitcoin Payment, Bitcoin Installation And Node Setup, Setting Up Source Code And Bitcoin.conf, Setting Up Node In Testnet, Bitcoin Programming And Bitcoin Cli, Geth And Eth, Improvement Protocols, JSON RPC API From Command Line, Hyperledger Fabric, IoT Blockchain Experiment

Fee – $10

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Expert Concepts (Part-1))

Content & Topics – DAPP , DLTS , DAOS

Blockchain Data Structures: Transaction Model, Accounts Model

Public Blockchain: Ipfs, Eos, Stellar, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin

Private Blockchain: Quorum, R3 Corda, BigchainDB

Private Blockchain Use Cases: Health, Insurance, Education, Government, Supply Chain And So On

Blockchain Privacy Mechanisms : Zcash’s Zsl, Monero’s Ringct, Dash’s Privatesend, Proxy Re-encryption,

Homographic Encryption, Bytecoin Cryptnote, Hyperledger Fabric’s Channel And Private State,

Quorum Private Transactions

Blockchain Interoperability: Single Custodian, Multi-signature Federation, Sidechain/Relays And Hash Locking

Oracles: Oraclize And Chainlink

Interoperable Blockchains: Cosmos, Polkadot, Block Collider

Fee – $11

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Expert Developments (Part-2 A))

Content & Topics – ETHEREUM: Public & Private BLOCKCHAIN

Go-Ethereum Client, Ethereum Accounts, Transactions, Nonce,Forking, Gas, Peer Discovery, Proof Of Work And Clique Consensus Protocols, Kovan Testnet Vs Mainnet, Whisper And Swarm, Writing Smart Contract Using Solidity(Structure Of Smart Contracts, Data Location, Data Types,Control Structures, Exceptions,Internal And External Calls,Libraries,Ether Units), Writing Upgradable Smart Contracts, Web3.Js And Ethereum.Js Libraries, Truffle Development Framework

Fee – $15

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Expert Developments (Part-2 B))


Raft And Ibft Consensus Protocol, Setting Up Private Network Using Raft Protocol, Setting Up Byzantine Fault Tolerance Using Ibft Protocol, Setting Up Constellation : J.P. Morgan’s Constellation, Tessera, Executing Private Transactions And Creating Private Contracts, Peer And Network Permissioning, ZSL Contracts, Utilities: Quorum Network Manager, Quorum Maker, Quorum Genesis, Quorum Tools

Fee – $15

To know more details, visit: http://www.blocklogy.org/

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