Blocklogy eLearning platform for Blockchain Education: Making credentials Secure, Safe and Accountable

blockchain education

As the Blockchain wave sweeps across industries, the education industry too will have its fair share of changes. Primary among these will be a more secure digital framework for keeping your certificates, documents secure as well as increased efficiency in operations like timely submission of the assignment, peer to peer sharing of consensus verified educational bio with potential recruiters etc.

The blockchain is a  design framework first and technology next. Underlying the blockchain is a distributed system for peer to peer sharing of verified and incorruptible data or information pertaining to anything of value.  All locked-in data part of a blockchain can be accessed remotely using a cryptographically secured pair of private-public keys.

While the initial days witnessed the prowess of Blockchain being applied to trigger alternate means of more secure, fair and transparent transactions free of any middle-men or central authority, today the technology is being seen as an answer to some of the problems that have long plagued centralized database systems. Here are a few points from a recent European Commision report that highlights the ways in which Blockchain solutions may be introduced into education.

Blockchain may be used to eliminate traditional methods of distribution physical certificates to accredited qualifications. This can be easily replaced by a more secure and efficient digital avatar called blocks. Blocks are nothing but crypto-secured information part of a blockchain. All information is part of the distributed shared ledger and access is limited to the individual.

A couple of institutions have already started working towards this end. The frontrunner is, of course, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  which would be transferring blockchain based digital certificates to its 100 graduates this year. This move is seen to empower students to be in charge of their own credentials. The students will have complete ownership over who sees the certificates.

In addition to MIT, Sony is also partnering with IBM to offer a blockchain service for secure sharing of credentials between students and employers, organization as well as government authorities. The information will cover a range of data starting with course undertaken by the university, the optional courses, the term results as well as the credentials and certificates achieved during the term of the course.

These are still baby-steps for Blockchain in Education sphere. Another equally important initiative is Blockclogy. Blockology is one of the sub-apps of the blockchain powered Era Swap Ecosystem.  Blockology is an educational mobile application with a vision for educating the current generation of students about the benefits and use of blockchain. Using the app, students can learn and implement Blockchain solution for the real-world scenario as well as explore better career opportunities in the future.

Blocklogy is a great example of an e-learning app for blockchain and other futuristic technologies. The app is available for Android and will be launched in iOS (coming soon) platforms. It contains courses in blockchain technology from beginner to expert level. So, anyone can learn blockchain technology along with its practical applications and development to make a career in it. Blocklogy was developed by KMPARDS with the aim to make the youth expert in top technologies like blockchain to build strong career on it.


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