Blockchain Technology – Why is it important? How to Learn it?


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, better than anything we have seen in the last decade or so. It is a Financial technology, which can facilitate truly peer-to-peer transactions by removing the concept (or need) of the trust.

Blockchain technology is how peer to peer or direct trades can be performed without the need of a third-party like banks to confirm each transaction. Blockchain Smart Contracts are digital contracts which automatically validate and process each transaction based on the underlying conditions or factors. Moreover, each blockchain transaction is secured by features like decentralization, immutability and transparency.

Still wondering why blockchain technology is important for the future? Find the answer below.

Why is Blockchain technology important?

Here are some possible and/or in-practices use cases which can be made better or more innovative through the blockchain technology.

“By the end of 2017, more than 300 million transactions were processed through blockchain technology.”

Blockchain can make e-voting more transparent.

It can be used for holding sensitive information such as medical records and identity data.

It can be used for securely storing and transacting digital records of physical items.

Blockchain can significantly decrease the cost of global, p2p transactions.

This technology can make digital transactions more secure and reliable.

According to a Quartz report, banks are spending on blockchain tech in the range of $300-$400 million a year.

In short, blockchain can be used in almost every industry where security, transparency and immutability of data are important.

Why should students start learning blockchain now?

Now, an obvious question that comes to mind is – how can blockchain technology help you build a better career? If you take a look at the job market, you’ll see that the demand for blockchain jobs and professionals is already on an all-time rise. In fact, top job websites such as Linkedin and Upwork are already reporting a high demand of blockchain-based skills. So, if you have been looking for a nice and in-demand skill to add to your portfolio, you should give blockchain a serious consideration. Here are some facts and statistics to support these views.

According to a leading website, demand for freelance blockchain developers grew by roughly 6000% between 2017 to 2018.

Blockchain expertise is among the top skills listed by freelance website Upwork for 2018.

Blockchain is also the fastest growing skill in Upwork’s index of over 5,000 skills.

More than 6,000 full-time blockchain-based jobs were posted on different job websites in the last year alone.

So, these stats should clear any doubt you may have about the demand of blockchain skills. As for why we should start blockchain education at the school level, here’s the answer.

Blockchain is a very vast area, a skill that requires both practical and theoretical knowledge. If you start learning blockchain now, it will easily take a few years for you to become acquainted or an expert in this technology. This is why it is better that blockchain is taught to students from the schooling level so that they can grow to become blockchain experts.

How to learn Blockchain Technology (Concepts & Programming)

One of the best ways to learn blockchain is with Blocklogy, an app committed to making the education of latest technologies affordable for everyone.

Blocklogy is a mobile application based e-learning platform founded by KMPARDS, an Edutech organization, which aims to provide an easy, interactive and affordable blockchain learning experience to people of all ages.

Blocklogy provides blockchain education through interactive content, including puzzles, quizzes and videos to help students and professionals learn the various concepts of this amazing technology as per their respective level of understanding. The blockchain courses by Blocklogy have been categorised into 3 modules – Basic, Intermediate, and Expert –  each containing separate classes followed by certification tests.

Among the many benefits of Blocklogy app, some are:

Easy and interactive learning


Certificate of completion

Compatible for all age groups

Learn at your own convenience and availability

Get rewarded for your activities

Live sessions

Games and other activities

Blocklogy will soon start partnering with schools to make affordable and best blockchain education accessible to students around the globe.

For more details:

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