How is blockchain beneficial for masses?


With Bitcoins and blockchain being two of the most talked about segment in the technology world, it is not a surprise if you find yourself attracted to this sector. In fact, it would be the most natural thing to do, given that blockchain is now being treated as a prominent technology for the future.

When we talk about blockchain application, the first thing that comes to our minds is what are the real-world uses of this technology, or if it has one. The good news is that blockchain is much more than just a platform for cryptocurrency to operate.

In the most basic terms, the blockchain is a technology that provides a way for performing secure and transparent transactions involving digital assets like cryptocurrencies. In technical terms, it is a decentralized, distributed public ledger that verifies and stores all the transactions that pass through it. As a technology, the blockchain has immense applications in every sector which involves a digital transfer of valuable assets and/or information.

The problem with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that they are highly volatile in nature. This limits their general uses by a large audience. However, the underlying technology, blockchain, is not limited by any such issues. It has the power to be used in relevant applications in a wide range of industries. Following are some of the most significant benefits of blockchain for businesses in a variety of sectors:

Supply Chain

The major problems of the supply chain industry include lack of transparency and high cost. Blockchain can effectively deal with these issues by providing a secure way of tracking the movement of supplies while reducing the cost of communication and transaction.

Accounting and Record-keeping

Security remains a big concern with online storage of records and any type of digital files. Blockchain provides a secure way for not only storing but also transferring such records without any human intervention and less chances of error.


Voting is one of the areas which are seeing active use of blockchain-based applications. Even some of the governments have started experimenting with this technology for conducting completely electronic and fraud-free elections.


Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries around the globe. The freelancers’ problems of finding reliable and cost-effective platforms for work can be resolved by the blockchain technology. EraSwap is one such project which involves building a blockchain-based platform to allow freelancers to provide services directly to potential clients, eliminating the middleman, reducing the cost and increasing the transparency.


The healthcare sector can also benefit a lot in terms of decentralized public access to records and data of medical care, hospitals and doctors which will enable patients to get the right care at a right time and in their budget.

There are many other industries, such as quality assurance, banking & finance, stock exchange, digital identity and energy supply, which can benefit immensely by the applications based on the blockchain technology. The attempts to improve the blockchain technology to make it suitable for general uses and worldwide applications are ongoing, and it won’t be long before we will see many more such applications out there.

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Blocklogy is Live! Learn New Technologies at Ease!

Era Swap introduces Blocklogy – a mobile app based e-learning platform for students and beginners who want to learn modern technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT (Internet of Things) without investing huge amount of money. The platform will be available in the form of dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Andriod App is live now and iOS will be launched very soon.

So, what is Blocklogy exactly?

Blocklogy is an ideation introduced by KMPARDS, the seeding company behind Era Swap. The idea was to develop an online learning platform where everyone, irrespective of their age and background, can learn new technologies and create futuristic applications for the betterment of the world. This ideation what you are seeing today in the form of Blocklogy app.

With Blocklogy, KMPARDS wants to educate the youth with the concepts of blockchain to enable them to create blockchain programs and applications for the increasing demand of the modern community and build a strong technical foundation for a better tomorrow. The courses are designed for students starting from 8th grade with the target to make them blockchain-expert within 5 years so that they can write codes for blockchain related apps and technologies.


Blocklogy has been introduced as a global, e-learning hub for blockchain enthusiasts. It is easy to use, user-friendly and offered at affordable cost. Check out more features here.

User-friendly: The app comes with a simple and user-friendly interface through which students can easily find and user study material. The portal consists of a wide range of learning material of all types, including text, audio, videos, graphics, artwork and more.

Self-paced Learning: The online portal allows students to learn the various aspects of the blockchain technology at their own pace and speed. One can study according to their time, schedule and knowledge level.

Affordable Learning: The education part on the Blocklogy portal has been kept completely free to ensure that everyone can access good quality blockchain education for free.

Rewards Program: The platform will reward students for their activities and achievements. Reward points can be used to buy more courses and study material on the platform.

Why use Blocklogy?

As of now, there is not a single complete and reliable resource for learning blockchain technology and development. The blockchain study material available on the internet is mostly theoretical and does not focus on real-world applications of this technology.

The purpose of Blocklogy is to create a platform where people can learn the blockchain technology along with its actual applications and implementation in the real world. This includes:

Starting blockchain education right from schools

Identifying and motivating youth who are good at it

Developing strong resources and skilled manpower in this industry

Developing a strong technology foundation for the coming generation

In simple words, Blocklogy is your doorway to an interesting world of learning and futuristic technologies.

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The Future Landscape of Blockchain Technology, Services and Products

Following the natural boom and bust cycle similar to any other teething technology, Blockchain is finally taking its first major step towards a much bigger integration in the larger economy. While the road so far has been both exciting and also nerve-wracking at times, Blockchain has slowly but surely entered the bookmarks of technology giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others. But does this mean that Blockchain and related projects are going to explode in upcoming years or will the industry take a more conservative approach towards it? To find out read this blog on The Future Landscape of Blockchain Technology Services and Products.

Blockchain And DLT

Blockchain in layman’s terms in a secured and transparent means of record keeping. Distributed ledger technology or DLT is the key reason for this. All transactions/exchanges on a blockchain network are part of an immutable ledger which is shared with all network participants. This brings the much-desired trust, immutability, and transparency to the system and transactions. Dubai, the megacity of the United Arab Emirates, will plan to put a DLT-based digital structure for all government systems by the end of 2020. Expect wide-scale adoption of similar blockchain projects by other states and nations in the future.

Blockchain For Security And Beyond

Data Integrity and Security are now prime concerns for all companies. Information has no doubt altered healthcare, financial, insurance, and e-commerce sectors but the misuse of user data by companies is now at the forefront of a major legal and ethical row in America. User Data security is one sphere which will attract some major Blockchain implementation. While the terminology for a solution may be changed to escape unnecessary media eye, but underneath at the very core expect the solution to subsume functional or architectural structures of Blockchain to implement future security, fraud management, digital identity theft solutions.

Blockchain and Freelancing

This is one sector which stands to gain exceedingly from the blockchain architecture. A peer to peer network will not only save service providers a major chunk of their earning otherwise paid as transaction fees to freelance platform owners, but it also paves way for more transparent collaboration and knowledge share. A good example in this regard would be of Era Swap. Era Swap is a peer to peer marketplace which empowers users to tokenize their time via smart contracts on a community-based exchange.

Blockchain and the Future of Jobs

Last but not least, we look at the future impact of blockchain on Jobs sector. The demand for blockchain developers and experts is growing by the day. It is at par with AI and Cloud when it comes to demand and salary. Blockchain developer can earn anything between $200,000- $ 250,000, This is almost double of what a good software engineer earns. Blocklogy under Era Swap ecosystem is a revolutionary solution which is a mobile based e-learning app for learning Blockchain and its applications.

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What all Modules and Levels are available in Blocklogy?


Summary: Blocklogy, an e-learning app for blockchain, offers a range of courses according to the knowledge level of students. Here’re all blockchain courses you can join on the Blocklogy platform.

Blocklogy is a blockchain e-learning app developed by KMPARDS to help students learn the blockchain concepts and programming to become an expert in it. The app offers multiple courses divided into three broad categories – Basic, Intermediate, and Expert – to suit the skills of students at different levels in the blockchain education.

The following courses are offered by the Blocklogy platform.

Class 8th (Basic type)

Content & Topics – NETWORK & ITS TYPES

Basic Cryptography, Centralized System, Decentralized System, Keywords In Blockchain, History Of Blockchain, Types Of Blockchain & Use Cases, Blockchain Working, Blockchain Ecosystem, Consensus In Blockchain, Blockchain Database Vs Other Databases, Transactions And Smart Contracts In Blockchain, Wallets And Their Types

Fee – $1

Class 9th (Basic type)


Cryptoeconomics, How Bitcoin System Works, Why Bitcoin And Selling Bitcoins, Ethereum Blockchain, Difference Between ETH And BTC Blockchain, Trading System, Standard Transactions, Storage And Transaction Of Blockchain, Mining And Miners, Mining Pools, Mining Algorithm, Merkle Tree, Network And Applications Of Bitcoin

Fee – $2

Class 10th (Basic type)


Wallets Derivations, Security Related Wallets And Exchange, What Happens In Invalid Transactions In Blockchain, What Is Ripple And Corda, What Is Metamask, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Fees In Blockchain Network, What Is Hyperledger, Ethereum Wallets And Clients, Geth, Mining In Ethereum, Introduction To Blockchain Programming

Fee – $3

Class 11th (Basic type)

Content & Topics – EXPLAIN SOLIDITY

Programming Basics Of Solidity, EVM In Relation With Smart Contracts, EVM And Gas Price, Explain Smart Contracts, Running Smart Contracts In Remix, Debugging Smart Contracts In Remix, Deploy And Debug Smart Contract With Truffle, Smart Contracts In Ethereum Blockchain, Use Of Smart Contract In Real World And Testing Tools, Writing Smart Contracts, Small Project And Deploying On Blockchain

Fee – $4

Class 12th (Basic type)

Content & Topics – WHAT ARE TOKENS

Difference Between Coin And Token, Erc Standards, Initial Coin Offering, Building Ico Smart Contracts, Developing A Erc20 Token On Ethereum Platform, How It Works, Basics Of Erc 721, Build Erc-721 Token And Deploying It To Test Network, Crowdfunding Smart Contracts, How To Raise Funds Via Ico, Class End Project

Fee – $5

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Intermediate type)

Content & Topics – FORKING (ETHEREUM)

Bitcoin Payment, Bitcoin Installation And Node Setup, Setting Up Source Code And Bitcoin.conf, Setting Up Node In Testnet, Bitcoin Programming And Bitcoin Cli, Geth And Eth, Improvement Protocols, JSON RPC API From Command Line, Hyperledger Fabric, IoT Blockchain Experiment

Fee – $10

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Expert Concepts (Part-1))

Content & Topics – DAPP , DLTS , DAOS

Blockchain Data Structures: Transaction Model, Accounts Model

Public Blockchain: Ipfs, Eos, Stellar, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin

Private Blockchain: Quorum, R3 Corda, BigchainDB

Private Blockchain Use Cases: Health, Insurance, Education, Government, Supply Chain And So On

Blockchain Privacy Mechanisms : Zcash’s Zsl, Monero’s Ringct, Dash’s Privatesend, Proxy Re-encryption,

Homographic Encryption, Bytecoin Cryptnote, Hyperledger Fabric’s Channel And Private State,

Quorum Private Transactions

Blockchain Interoperability: Single Custodian, Multi-signature Federation, Sidechain/Relays And Hash Locking

Oracles: Oraclize And Chainlink

Interoperable Blockchains: Cosmos, Polkadot, Block Collider

Fee – $11

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Expert Developments (Part-2 A))

Content & Topics – ETHEREUM: Public & Private BLOCKCHAIN

Go-Ethereum Client, Ethereum Accounts, Transactions, Nonce,Forking, Gas, Peer Discovery, Proof Of Work And Clique Consensus Protocols, Kovan Testnet Vs Mainnet, Whisper And Swarm, Writing Smart Contract Using Solidity(Structure Of Smart Contracts, Data Location, Data Types,Control Structures, Exceptions,Internal And External Calls,Libraries,Ether Units), Writing Upgradable Smart Contracts, Web3.Js And Ethereum.Js Libraries, Truffle Development Framework

Fee – $15

BCA, MCA, B Tech (Expert Developments (Part-2 B))


Raft And Ibft Consensus Protocol, Setting Up Private Network Using Raft Protocol, Setting Up Byzantine Fault Tolerance Using Ibft Protocol, Setting Up Constellation : J.P. Morgan’s Constellation, Tessera, Executing Private Transactions And Creating Private Contracts, Peer And Network Permissioning, ZSL Contracts, Utilities: Quorum Network Manager, Quorum Maker, Quorum Genesis, Quorum Tools

Fee – $15

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